Careers and Social Media

Fellow blogger, Steve Furman, published an informative article titled, Managing your career with social media. Here’s an excerpt and link to the full story:

There are lots of people who are now well established in the social media space and are writing and creating exciting and insightful content. They have built formidable networks and are becoming influencers in their own way or on their own topics. An argument might soon be made that these people should command a premium when considering them for jobs, projects or unique roles. Perhaps even compensation.

Charlene Li, former Forrester Analyst and VP touched on a concept called Personal CPM. No proven formula exists yet, but to summarize, it’s based on:

  • Your authority on a topic
  • Your network’s interest and authority on a topic
  • The trust your network places in you for the topic.

She was connecting this to how marketers might look at social networks as a business model. They might pay to reach the higher CPM people, and networks might compensate them to join their network. (Full story here)

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