How can you reach, engage, and build lasting relationships with your target market?

Target market - marketing is making all of the slices add up to ROI.Look for a partner that provides business, marketing, and IT guidance. In today’s fast-paced world, business owners need more than a social media marketing presence and website vendor.

Growing your business requires focused client engagement, building relationships, and doing so across business functions and marketing platforms. Whomever you may consult, make sure you create a plan that delivers the right information to the right person – at the right time. What happens when you do that consistently? YOUR business grows cost-effectively.

How do you benefit?

Advancements in technology and coordinated advocacy marketing provide both small and large companies the opportunity to engage and build relationships with more customers and prospects than ever before. To benefit, your business leverages your existing business relationships, technology, financial resources, and human capital. Needless to say, all are required to successfully grow your business (i.e., client engagement, website messaging, email, SEO, social media, content management systems, and so on).

Marketing your business is a slice here – social media business pages – and a slice there – your website, email newsletter and advocacy. The goal is getting all of the slices to add up to more leads, more business and a better marketing ROI for your business.

Benefits business owners commonly seek. . .

  • More referrals, more leads and higher returns on investment (ROI);
  • Consistent business growth and profits from well orchestrated integration of online (digital) and traditional marketing methods; and
  • Outsourcing solutions that lower costs for marketing & technology; less overhead
    (less furniture, office space, fewer computers to maintain, lower taxes and insurance, etc.).

Requirements for success. . .

  • Marketing plan (target market for best results);
  • Budget: adequate financial resources to implement and support ongoing projects such as dynamic websites, content curation, email marketing campaigns, online PR, organic SEO and advertising campaigns that result in more business;
  • Skilled marketing and IT staff or contractors with extensive advocacy marketing experience and practical business knowledge; and
  • Content managers, copywriters, graphic designers, and computer programmers.

Is your company implementing a grow plan or a marketing project? There is a tactical difference and only one consistently produces the results that enhance your business success.

So, what do we do?

Actually, it is quite simple. We help you deliver the right information to the right person – at the right time in the buying cycle.

Are you growing your business by doing what you do best?

Business owners and marketing managers have a plan to increase his or her bottom line. And, they are in business to win the game. They know to increase profits they need a comprehensive marketing program and they are well aware of the in-house resources and costs required to take advantage of high ROI tactics. But there is more to the story.

Our most successful clients realized they were using too many resources and spending too much productive time achieving marginal results marketing. Although they don’t know Peter Drucker, they took his advice:

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

And, they contacted us – AIM Custom Media – more than likely they were referred to us. We discussed their goals, developed a plan and subsequently got to work. You can read about the outcomes by reviewing our client testimonials here.

AIM Custom Media’s strength is business consulting, engagement management, technology, and helping you grow your business. End of story? Not really, the next chapter starts with you.

Outsourcing all or portions of your marketing is less expensive than hiring the resources you’ll need to manage the operations in-house. Don’t believe it? Give us a call and we’ll discuss your specific situation. We are ready to help you connect with new customers and harvest referrals from your existing customers as well as your social media networks.

Think about it . . . stronger relationships, more prospecting, and advocates that regularly produce new referrals and higher marketing ROI – is it for you? Too many business owners are wasting their productive time with technical hassles, constant calls (and bills) from website developers, stale website/marketing content and hearing more stories about the competition’s success – take control. We’ll help you implement business marketing “systems” that give you control and lower your costs.

Of course, we’ll be glad to discuss your needs and there is no obligation. We are proud to demonstrate our personal service as well as our desire to earn your business for life.

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