Social Networking – Small Business Marketing Plan

What resources are required for online marketing plans that include social networking? Here’s a brief overview of what you might want to consider:

I. Website Considerations

For years now, we have promoted the use of blog technology over “static websites” for small business owners. Almost any website design can be developed using blog technology, which is a better tool for content management as well as online marketing. Blogs allow small business owners to leverage technology in several ways.

For example, most social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) allow you to connect your blog feed (RSS Feed) to your online profile. Therefore, when your website/blog is updated your connections on social networking sites are notified – automated marketing and branding. Also, search engines favor “fresh content” and blogs allow business owners to update his or her website both frequently and cost effectively. The list of benefits goes on.

Resource Requirements – Website & Blogs: Human resources are necessary to run an effective website/blog for online marketing purposes. When developing your marketing plan, include: IT support (programmer), graphic designers, copy writers, and marketing staff that understand social networking applications, content marketing, PR, SEO and HTML.

II. Email Marketing and Newsletters

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, some 20 million emails traveled the information superhighway. For good reason, email is an effective communication tool and email marketing remains a top choice for marketing pros. Email newsletters are effective as well but need to be done right to engage your clients and target market.

Resource Requirements – Email Marketing/Newsletters:  Requires setup, database management, subscription forms, copy writing, landing pages, online newsletter archives, subscription promotions, keyword list, and industry knowledge. Human resources: IT support (programmer), graphic designers, copy writers, and marketing staff that understand email newsletter software, content marketing, PR, SEO and HTML programming.

III. Online and Offline Seminars

Presenting and hosting business seminars has been, and will remain, a popular and effective marketing tool for business owners. Preparing and implementing a plan to target your market and attract the right attendees can be a challenge as well as time consuming. Social networking is an effective tool for promoting seminars, if you have first created effective content to promote the seminar as well as landing pages on your website/blog. Also, understanding where your target market resides online is key.

Resource Requirements – Seminars: Requires seminar content, copy writing, landing pages, registration forms, and marketing as well as IT support, graphic design, and a presenter.

The three marketing considerations above are only a start for your 2010 marketing plan. We’ll continue to cover the rest of the marketing plan requirements; you can subscribe here if you would like to receive the updates when they are published.

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