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Content Marketing and Advocacy Marketing Are Trending

A content marketing plan is important because we live in a world where great content is unlimited, it is everywhere. It is demanding attention and it is available to everyone; “Life in the fast lane everything all the time” (Eagles).

No doubt, attention spans are short but it is clear that interested, qualified buyers are focused more often than not. They’ll want and do things others won’t. For one, they’ll seek and consume far more content than most. They can’t get enough and they can’t get it fast enough; “Eager for action and hot for the game.” Ok, no more Eagles’ quotes but you get the point. Rapid deployment of relevant content to focused, qualified buyers has become a content marketing strategy that works when you include:Content Marketing Advocacy Marketing | AIM Custom Media, Glen Allen, VA

  • A clear proposition easily identified upfront (no barriers – state clearly what you are offering without requiring your prospect to jump through hoops);
  • Supporting content for those that are ready to drill down now (do the research for your prospect and make it readily accessible);
  • Mechanism that builds confidence and gains authority for your content (testimonials, awards and/or case studies); and
  • A fluid, easy to follow process that leads to your call to action (eliminate all obstacles and distractions; keep the focus on closing the deal for those that are ready to take action).

Rapid deployment of content is one of many important trends to take note of with respect to your content marketing. In addition, a purpose-managed advocacy marketing program is another for sure.

marketing funnel, advocacy marketing, content marketingAdvocates embrace your brand and willingly share their enthusiasm through their interactions with others (social media, blogs, word-of-mouth, associations, etc.). They willingly help you share your content with enthusiasm to the right prospects at the right time. But as you likely know, peer-to-peer recommendations don’t always happen organically and you’ll benefit more if you take a proactive approach to fill your marketing funnel with new leads generated by your advocates.

Advocates have a significant, but often un-noticed, influence on your business results. In fact, one of the most important things you can do to market your business is to identify, organize and mobilize your valuable advocates.

After all, referral leads are typically your best converting lead source and often result in shorter sales cycles, higher conversion rates, and larger order sizes.

Everyone knows more great content is a click away. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean your prospect needs to “click away” from your great content. What it does mean is you need to determine if you are delivering the content your prospect wants, when they want it. Your advocates can help significantly with this process.

It is important to note that:

Leads generated by B2B advocates are 4 to 10 times more valuable than leads generated from many other sources.

Content marketing integrated with an advocacy marketing program will help you capture and keep your target audiences’ attention long enough to pass them through your marketing funnel cost-effectively; close more deals.

Please let me know if you would like more information or help building a content marketing program that mobilizes your advocates to support your marketing initiatives.

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