Announcing Gems by James

PR News/AIM Custom Media/Richmond, VA – Nov. 2009: James Inge today unveiled “Gems by James” (, a comprehensive online display of custom cut gemstones and original oil paintings. The website, designed and developed by AIM Custom Media (, is a reflection of the skill and passion of gemstone cutter and artist James Inge.

Dedicated to perfection, Gems by James creates one of a kind custom cut gemstones and original oil paintings. In fact, these gems are quickly becoming heirlooms like all specially crafted, hand-made gifts that get passed down with each new generation of your family. And of course, these unique gifts can never be matched by mass produced items you’ll find in the local jewelry store. Seeing the delight of a loved one receive such as special gift is a moment you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

The website features an educational section to help our friends understand the process of gem cutting and painting as well as articles on what truly makes a gem special. We’ll be adding content and conversing with our customers for years to come. We welcome you to stop by and participate, comment on our blog or peruse the photo galleries and shopping cart. New content and products are being added daily and one of a kind affordably priced gems are selling out hourly. Visit Gems by James today and make this holiday a memorable treasure.

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