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Strategy Advantage 2012, Social Media Marketing For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

DATE: February 15, 2012
WHERE: Meadowdale Library, Chesterfield, VA

FREE seminar by AIM Custom Media. Sponsors include: The Chesterfield Library and SCORE in Partnership with The Small Business Association.

  • Understand Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy and employ tactics that attract prospects
  • Discover how to use SMM to build awareness, increase visibility and engage in conversations
  • Learn from case studies and real-time demonstrations
  • Explore various SMM tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and YouTube
  • Learn how to create your own Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy
  • Learn how businesses and individuals plan to use SMM successfully in 2012
  • The unwritten rules of SMM etiquette
  • Using directories and email databases to build contacts and online networks
  • How to create profiles for social networking sites so “your target market” can find you
  • Measuring the results of SMM

COST: None



  1. It would be a very good idea if seminars like this can be rolled around the world. The internet is a global market so anybody involved with online marketing will undoutedly benefit from all the different strategies that will be discussed. It is my candid suggestion that seminars of this nature can be in the form of webinars were interested persons can log in using a teleconferencing pin numbers. Thanks for allowing me to air my opinion.

  2. Excellent presentation. Thank you! In my humble opinion narrowing down your niche market and finding them is the only way to compete with larger corporations.

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