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WordPress 3.3 Released Major Improvements

As you know, we are avid supporters of WordPress as a CMS; especially for small and mid-size businesses. And, the latest release, WordPress version 3.3, includes a host of major improvements. The following is a quick summary for you. For those interested, there is also an overview video and links for more info below.

Marketing is making all of the slices add up to ROI.


Are you looking for a marketing partner instead of just a website vendor? We’re so glad you found us. What Works? Social networks provide both small and large companies the opportunity to build relationships with more customers and prospects than ever before. But, how well you’ll do depends on your ability to implement the right […]

Ad Spending Trends

Business in Calgary – Marketing and Internet Strategies – Ad Spending Trends Our friend has a nice post on ad spending trends, which includes a few charts from a report prepared by the research firm eMarketer. Pay particular attention to the Internet spending trends. At eoecho, we are seeing significant increases in WOM related marketing […]

U.S. Government Launches One-Stop Federal Website

On FirstGov.gov you can search millions of pages from federal and state governments, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Most of these pages are not available on commercial websites. FirstGov has the most comprehensive search of government anywhere on the Internet. It also provides a Spanish-language portal – FirstGov en Español. In addition, entrepreneurs […]

Photo Essay: The Doors of Lower Manhattan

When Tara Met Blog The doors of lower Manhattan, below 14th Street, are especially unique and filled with the area’s heritage and originality. Tara took these shots for her photojournalism grad class. Now that’s a great idea! Thank Tara for sharing her photos with us. Here’s a sample (see Tara’s blog – link above – […]

Mail To Protector – Avoid SPAM

MailTo Protector Spiders crawl the Internet looking for email addresses on your web pages. To avoid your email from being captured by SPAMMERS, use this great little tool that encrypts your email address. It is a tool used by webmasters to create encoded "mailto" links. Just click on the "Online-Code Generator" link in the right […]

Google, Yahoo and Dogpile’s Top Searches of 2005

Google, Yahoo and Dogpile’s Top Searches of 2005 Well, it’s finally here. The “Top Searches List” for 2005. Interesting to see what the world of Internet users spend their time on. Here’s the Top 10 List (drum roll please): 1. Music Lyrics 2. Paris Hilton 3. Google 4. eBay 5. Yahoo 6. Mapquest 7. Games […]

Color Theory & Color Schemes for Non-Designers

Color Theory / Color Schemes – Part 1 of Chapter 2 from Web Graphics for Non-Designers (3/6) – WebReference.com If you decide to build your own website and you’re not a graphic designer, this site offers great tips in their articles. We provide website design and we help our clients build and market their blogs […]

RFP – Magazine Editor

MBCA is seeking proposals from candidates to serve, under contract, as Editor of The Star magazine; the official publication of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, Inc. Contact David Cummings for a copy of the RFP: Email: David@mbca.org Phone: 800-637-2360 Web: www.mbca.org Deadline: February 28, 2006, responses must be received at the MBCA National Business Office […]