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Media Relations Training – What Do You Want Your Headline To Be?

Is your company prepared for media relations? Are you prepared to speak with the press should an urgent situation arise?  Building relationships with the media and learning the rules of engagement to confidently mange the “headline” is key. Train your team to develop the message you want to get across while mitigating potentially negative news that adversely impacts your company and your brand.

AIM Custom Media was retained by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’s Building Code Academy to provide Media Relations training for the state’s code enforcement community. Attendees included building inspectors, first responders, county representatives and related professionals. Participants gained the tools needed to confidently interact with the press.

Media Relations Training

The media relations training covered a deep dive into interview preparation, understanding the right questions to ask reporters, key messaging, and breakout sessions for recording live practice on-camera interviews. The energy in the room was high. Multiple teams worked together on their stories and supported one another in finessing their newly gained PR skills.  All ended the day thinking like a reporter!

In today’s evolving media landscape and the impact of social media, anyone with a cell phone (including reporters) have the ability to create and publish news within minutes, whether it is accurate or not. Be prepared. Know the rules and your rights when it comes to conducting interviews with the press. It could mean the difference between a fair, accurate and balanced story as opposed to one where the audience is left with less than desirable assumptions.

Let us help you craft your key messaging and be in control of your own headlines.  Please contact  AIM Custom Media for communications and media relations training. We can accommodate large or small groups based on your needs.

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