Small Business: What Successful Owner's Already Know

Did you know professional licensing organizations and certain regulatory agencies have continuing education (CE) requirements? But, do you know of any to maintain the title, “small business owner?” Why? Because the most successful owners never stop learning.

Today’s class includes tomorrows most successfully business owners.  And, we have already turned well beyond page 1. Have you?

The following includes a short-list of training modules available to you at no charge from SCORE:

Small Business Start Up and Planning Training Modules

Developing Efficient Business Systems

  • Learn how business systems can give you greater control, add value, lower your costs, improve profits and free up your time.

Quick Start Business Plan

  • If you intend to start a business, first you’ll need to write your business plan. It will help you evaluate your ideas. And, it is required by your bank and other lenders if you intend to access growth and operating capital.

Creating a Cash Reserve

  • This modules outlines practical ideas and specific tactics you can use to create a cash reserve for your business. Plan ahead for cash crunches by focusing on the things you can do to save or generate reserves.

Marketing and Advertising – Planning

  • How do you plan and implement your advertising to increase your chances of gaining new customers? This lesson provides insight.

Creating Customer Loyalty

  • This lesson explains why customer loyalty is so important and covers a range of practical ideas you can implement in your business immediately to build loyalty.

How to Establish an  Advisory Board

  • Preparing a business plan before you start your business reduces risk. This quick business plan outlines the main points and will give a clear snapshot of your business idea and its feasibility.

During the first quarter of 2010, we’ll publish a few in-depth articles covering several “start-up” topics to help you grow. Something in particular you would like? Please leave your comments below, thanks.

Greg Magnus
AIM Custom Media

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