Why eoecho Is Switching to Autoresponders – Newsletter Overload

With the uncontrolled proliferation of email newsletters, marketing departments are experiencing dismal open and click-thru rates even though their products are well designed and targeted. The successful marketing of software by providers such as Constant Contact and others has given anyone with a keyboard the opportunity to “send away.”

And send they do – inboxes are being jammed with irrelevant, poorly written content originating from Constant Contact users. Yes, there are others, but we’re picking on them because we rec’d four poorly written, some unsolicited, emails today with their logo on the bottom indicating “sent using Constant Contact.” Their success in marketing appears to be backfiring. How can you compete with this newsletter overload? Is there an alternative?

We’re making the switch to autoresponder programs focused on providing relevant content requested by our prospects and customers. It’s still email, but the results appear more promising then just the standard newsletter marketing strategy.

We looked at, and tested, several software products before making a decision to go with this company. We considered using Constant Contact, but we have been told ISPs are scrutinizing their emails – rumor is delivery rates are becoming an issue. You can cut your cost in half, likely improve your delivery rates, and receive better customer service (in our humble opinion) by checking out the provider we’re now using. Their anti-SPAM mechanisms require opt-in lists that will keep many of the spammers using Constant Contact away. Therefore, we expect our delivery rates to remain high as others using the software are reporting.

Are you using autoresponders? If so, how are your results?

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