Millions of Adults, Teens Fail Fitness Test

Millions of Adults, Teens Fail Fitness Test – Washington Post

Rob Stein of the Washington Post today (Wednesday, December 21, 2005) reported a large proportion of Americans are out of shape, with teenagers in particular being the ones likely to be unfit. This report is somewhat surprising given most teenages tend to be more active than most adults.

According to Stein,

“Treadmill tests on a representative sample of more than 5,300 Americans ages 12 to 49 found that about one out of every five had poor cardiovascular fitness, including about one-third of teenagers and 14 percent of young adults. Based on the findings, an estimated 7.5 million adolescents and at least 8.5 million adults are out of condition, the researchers found.”

Read the full article at the Washington Post link above.

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