Marketing: Brand Awareness and Brand Engagement

Do you know the difference between brand awareness and brand engagement? Are you a small business owner that thinks branding is a marketing activity for only the large companies such as Mercedes-Benz or Sony? Branding is important for all companies, regardless of size and budget. Consider these questions and answers provided to SCORE by Gemini […]

Sell Your Audience, Not Your Product

Sell Your Audience, Not Your Product Why would you expect people to be interested in what your advertising says just because you are? Steve McKee (Business Week, Viewpoint article) provides a good explanation of the difference between selling your product and selling your audience.

Marketing Explained – A Woman’s Perspective

Not that familiar with Internet marketing or marketing terms in general? I came across this description of marketing a few months ago while surfing the net – I saw it again today on another blog. I don’t know who wrote it first, but it’s getting around. What’s marketing you ask? You see a handsome guy […]