Going Mobile

Is it time to get serious about your “mobile” marketing campaigns?

The growth rates in mobile computing are compelling and the answer is definitely yes according to industry experts.

AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph de la Vega, says 95% of iPhone owners regularly surf the web; 30% didn’t do so on a mobile device prior to his or her iPhone ownership.

A recent Tech Crunch article covers some of the trends for those interested (excerpt and link below):

As smartphones like the iPhone and Android take over the mobile Web, the amount of data traffic going over cellular networks is expected to grow 40-fold over the next five years. UK firm Coda Research Consultancy forecasts that in the U.S. alone mobile handset data traffic will grow from 8 petabytes/month this year to 327 petabytes/month in 2015. That amounts to a 117 percent compound annual growth rate. (See Tech Crunch for full story here)

Are you capturing new business using mobile marketing tactics? People are connecting everywhere now, not just when they are sitting behind their desks. In restaurants, elevators, hotel lobbies, trains, planes and automobiles.

Going Mobile
I’m going home and when I wanna go home
I’m goin’ mobile
Well, I’m gonna find a home
And we’ll see how it feels
Goin’ mobile, keep me movin’
(Pete Townshend, Lyrics by Who; The Who At Kilburn: 1977 Blu-ray)

Is mobile marketing a compelling strategy for your business? Is your site optimized for mobile viewing? Now is a good time to test so you can determine if your online content is optimized for usability, design and content distribution. Contact AIM Custom Media if you need assistance.

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