Workshop Presentation – Small Business Website Basics

Earlier today, I gave a presentation to entrepreneurs and new business owners at the monthly Richmond SCORE Small Business Workshop. The workshop is an all day event covering everything from writing an effective business plan to negotiating a commercial lease.

Workshop Topics

  • How to Write an Effective Business Plan
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business
  • Website Basics and Strategies
  • Choosing the Legal Structure That’s Right For You
  • Purchasing the Proper Business Insurance
  • Sources of Business Loans
  • How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease
  • Building Successful Marketing & Sales Plans

My 45 minute presentation covered “Website Basics and Strategies for Small Business  Owners.”

A PDF copy of the my presentation is here: Website Basics for Small Business Owners. Visit the Richmond SCORE website to learn more about the workshops or to sign up for the next monthly small business workshop, which will be held in January 2010.

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