Weekly Briefing – digital AIM

Website Trends & Tips

  1. What we think of as a website has changed. Long gone are “static” brochure like websites with infrequently updated content; replaced by dynamic, automated marketing machines.
  2. Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO), visit SCORE’s new “Ask an Expert Blog” that covers a variety of topics of interest to entrepreneurs and business owners. Five volunteer business professionals, including yours truly, publish content on the site. We cover interactive marketing topics and our content is posted every Friday.
  3. Business.com: Guide to finding time to blog, when it’s not your day job
  4. Social Media Marketing graph by our friends, MarketingSherpa


Metro Richmond – Local Briefing

  1. Virginia’s unemployment rate reached 5.2 percent (Dec. 2008) – better than the national average, which is 7.1 percent: see Virginia Business story here.
  2. Richmond group hopes to buy a franchise that belongs to the Class AA Eastern League, the Connecticut Defenders, and move it to Richmond: AA Team – Richmond Times Dispatch
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