1Club.FM Internet Radio Station – Miami, Tampa, Chicago

1Club.FM Internet Radio Station

Offers 40 channels of streaming music. It is one of the websites I listen to while working in my home office.

On weekends, I’ll plug my laptop into my stereo and listen to 1Club.FM throughout the house. I had a conversation with a few friends at a dinner party this past weekend concerning the longevity of satellite radio. We were wondering, who needs to pay for XM or Sirius radio?

Isn’t it just a matter of time before everyone will have endless choices of free music over the Internet? Simple connection to the home stereo and you have Miami dance floor music or Chicago Blues in your living room. And that’s available now.

Don’t like the song, scan your computer screen, click on “what’s playing now” and select a song you like. With Wifi nets soon to be everywhere, you’ll be able to receive the same music in your car within the year, if not within a few months. It’s hard for me to believe satellite radio has a future given the Internet stations offer significantly more user choice.

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