What is strategic marketing verses just marketing?

Last week while attending a business luncheon I was asked, “What’s the difference between strategic marketing and just marketing?” The question was asked in a manner that suggested there’s no difference. Well, here’s a sample of marketing:

Within the past few days, I have been contacted by several small business owners on my Internet business networking site. They requested that I network with them through the online system. To do so you must provide a business email address. A few of the email addresses started with “info@” and “mail@” instead of a specific individuals name. Now, using “info@yourwebsite” is impersonal marketing.

Strategic marketing is getting personal. Use a person’s name whether that person actually works for you or not (alias’ can be used to track marketing channels). You want to start building relationships with your customers and potential customers from the very first contact; especially if they don’t know you yet.

Recommendation: Use “Ira” or “Ike” or “Irene” instead of “info” (or another name starting with “I” – goto www.babynames.com if you need a few suggestions). You’ll always know the email is related to “info” and your email will have a personal touch that everyone prefers.

Never use what I call “black hole” names. When you send an email to “info@…” do you really get a warm and fuzzy feeling that someone at that company is going to actually get back to you? Generic names (info, mail, etc.) should be reserved for gaint corporations that you know already provide terrible customer service. Not your company that provides excellent customer service!

PS: If someone calls your company and asks for “Ira” (or whatever names you use) just say, “Ira isn’t available, but I’m Ira’s boss. How can I help you?” You immediately edified yourself and your caller already feels he or she is speaking with someone more important then Ira. Again, that’s a simple strategy, but it is a better strategy.

Please add your comments and ideas for others – you must give before you get.

“Strategic mind with knowledge, will travel.”

That’s a basic example of “strategic marketing” and we’ll discuss higher level examples so check back on a regular basis.

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